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How to order a sample on CustomizingBox?

Step 1: Create an account and login

Click Sign up Button in the upper right corner of the website or app sign up page.
APP link:

A verification code is mandatory for signing up. You will receive a verification code in your registered email address.

Please login with the email address, not the username. After registering and logging into our app, you can click Reload webpage to refresh your login status on CustomizingBox website.

Step 2: Order Samples

Choose the product you like and click order sample buttom.

Click Order Sample Buttom
You can upload custom information by select custom text or custom picture, and you can add several custom information by clicking add more buttom. In Custom Text Notes, you can tell us the order of the customized information, such as which customized information is on the front and which customized information is on the reverse.

Click check out buttom next, if you want another sample, click add your cart and go to order another sample.

Click check out buttom

Step 3: Checkout

Add Shipping Address and save.

Click on a small button with an inverted triangle
at shipping services part, there are several shipping methods to choose, you can choose what you like.

Click this buttom to choose shipping method

Step 4: Top Up Balance and finish the payment

Click Insufficient balance buttom to top up balance, after you top up the balance, you need to reload webpage to refresh the balance.

By the way, don't forget to reselect the shipping method and finish the payment.

What should I do if I want to buy a sample but the product I want is not available on your website.

You can Connect Your Store To our APP and creat an order mark as paid in your shopify store. The order will sync to us, we will do free new product development and offer you a price for your each product in few hours, next you can pay for it. Or you can send us the product through message, we will update the product to our website, then you can order.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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