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How CustomizingBox Works?

Step 1: Create An Account of CustomizingBox APP

Click Sign up Button in the upper right corner of the website or app sign up page.
APP link:

A verification code is mandatory for signing up. You will receive a verification code in your registered email address.

Sign Up for CustomizingBox

Step 2: Login CustomizingBox APP

Please login with the email address, not the username.

You can login our app in the upper right corner of customizingbox website or app link directly.

After sign up and login, you can see the product price on the website.

Step 3: Connect Your Store To the APP

After you connect your store to our app, the order didin't fulfilled will sync to the app Order- In Quotation page. The order had been fulfilled will not sync to our app.

Connect To Your Store

You can cancel the order which you don't want to order from us on Order- In quotation page. The order will move the Order- Cancelled page.

And other orders you want to order from us, you can wait for our quotation.

Step 4: Order In Quotation

When you get an order,order and customized information will automatically imported into Order- In Quotation Page. The order status like this (Not connected), No matter what customized product it is, we will do free new product development and offer you a price for your each product in few hours.

Before We Offer a Price

After we offer a price, you could confirm the order if you are satisfied with the price, the order will synced to the TO ORDER section.

If you publish products from our website, we don't need to quote the price for you, because we have already made a quotation for you on the website. After you receive an order, the order status will be connected automatically, you just need to confirm the order directly and pay for it.

After We Offer a Price

Step 5: Order & Payment

When orders are synced to the APP (in "Orders-To Order" section), you can choose shipping method and make instant payment by CustomizingBox balance.

Step 6: Processing & Fulfillment

Upon your payment, we will produce products and process your orders.

With CustomizingBox factory production system, we can produce your personalized order within an average of 72 hours.

Step 7: Order Tracking

When parcels are shipped out from our warehouse, tracking numbers will be uploaded to your app and shopify store automatically, which triggers Shopify to send fulfillment notification emails to your customers.

A notification email contains a link with the tracking number.

Step 8: After-sales Service

Please let us know the order issues by contacting us.


Updated on: 15/08/2022

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