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Print On Demand, a New Profitable Blue Ocean Market

In the past few years, the epidemic has swept the world, which has further stimulated the development of e-commerce, and also made some sellers accidentally find a new way to make money. Recently, many e-commerce sellers have set their sights on the website-Print On Demand business.

The stand-alone POD mode is currently the most popular personalized customization and diversified mode. It is a more emotional and higher-level mode, which enables diversified choices of personalized products and fully utilizes applications to meet user needs. At present, the POD model has achieved good response in the blue ocean market, and it is extremely competitive and has development prospects.

What is POD mode?

POD (Print on Demand), "on demand" means that consumers place orders according to their personal preferences and needs, and merchants make products after receiving orders.

"Printing" means that after the seller receives the order, he transfers the order to the cooperative processing factory for production, and the factory then processes the product according to the requirements of the merchant's order, and delivers the finished product to the consumer.

POD mode operation process

1) Customers choose products in the website, use the design patterns owned by the platform or put forward personalized printing requirements

2) After the customer places an order, the merchant connects the order requirement to the POD supplier through a tool (such as Customizingbox custom plug-in)

3) The POD supplier is responsible for product customization and send to the end consumer

In this process, the seller is mainly responsible for discovering creative products and marketing promotion websites, handing over consumer order information and shipping details to the POD supplier, and finally the supplier completes product customization and transportation.

Advantages of POD mode

Realize the application of more themes to make the product more lively

Optimize products to increase the possibility of consumer choice

Directly hit the customer base, increase product premium rate and user viscosity

No stock No stock, reduce storage costs, and eliminate concerns about stockpiling

POD development status

POD products have always been popular, and the United States is the market with the largest demand for POD. According to The Deloitte Consumer Review (Deloitte Consumer Review Report), more than 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing personalized products for themselves, friends and family. One in five consumers are willing to pay 20% more for personalized or exclusive products. According to Google data, the search volume of the keyword "Print on demand" is on the rise, which confirms the relatively strong overall demand and response of consumers for POD products.

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Updated on: 06/06/2023

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